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Rally for climate change in Calgary
Rally for climate change in Calgary

Rally for climate change in Calgary

Though the ‘C’ of red has overtaken Calgary, Sunday at City Hall it was a call for more green.

A rally for action on climate change took place with over 100 in attendance.

Louis Koutis from the Calgary Climate Action Network said it wasn’t a protest but rather a march to show support for a transition to clean renewable energy.

“Alberta can step forward and be a world leader in the development of wind, solar and geothermal energy,” Koutis said. “Alberta can also be a leader in the significant reduction of fossil fuel extraction.”

Louis Koutis says there’s been silence from most candidates in the provincial election campaign on climate change.

Liberal Leader David Swann attended the march to show his support for the issue. He says it’s the reason he joined politics.

“This is the most important issue of the century. This government has been neglecting it for 40 years. This is the issue that people need to care about and change this government over. Put a real price on carbon. Phase out coal in our province and get serious about alternative energy and conservation,” Swann said.


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    1. Wow… over 100 people turn out to protest… in a city of almost one million. You could get this many professional protestors out for almost any non-event on any given day. This only shows that the vast majority have wised up and are finally no longer buying what the climate change loonies are selling.

      • In this day and age, everybody could google all the info about climate change. the information is out there, but the critical analysis is missing for some people.
        Climate change will happen, artist, professional marchers, climate-activist,, could do more for delaying climate change , by not blocking the road, and forcing us to drive 10 minutes extra, to reach our destination.
        shutting down vehicular traffic, forcing detours, really do more harm than good..
        maybe they should held their march somewhere sparsely affecting vehicular traffic, use their bike to go there.
        please don’t suggest to take transit or bike around, i work 2 jobs, and has to hustle.

    2. This whole “climate change” agenda is just the new red. Of course climate is changing, it always has and always will but nothing happening due to the changes in CO2 levels is measurable as the main drivers are other much more significant factors including the sun’s activity. To learn about the agenda, read up on “Agenda 21” which was released in Rio when this whole thing got started. With the collapse of world communism the reds had to look for another approach to world domination and this became their cause using faked science and compromising many scientists who have sold their souls for money.

      Rather than being some terrible atmospheric pollutant, CO2 is the most vital gas in the atmosphere upon which all life depends and rather than being at dangerously high levels it is still at alarmingly low ones based on the response plant life would have to an further increase. An ideal climate would have both higher levels of CO2 and be warmer, conditions that would improve the lives of most people on Earth.

    3. “The air we breathe in contains about 0.04% carbon dioxide.
      The air we breathe out contains about 4% carbon dioxide.
      In other words, exhaled air contains about 100 times the concentration of carbon dioxide that inhaled air does.”

      All of the oxygen in the air we breathe has to be displaced by more than “10% (100,000 ppm)” carbon dioxide before carbon based life forms such as humans succumb to “unconsciousness or death.”

    4. This is a question for science. This is why we have the IPCC. So preindustrial carbon levels was 270 ppm and now carbon levels are 400 ppm. Also half of our industrial carbon is now dissolved into our oceans causing acidification and will drop out the bottom of the food chain if we continue – small shelled creatures can not form their shells in acidic water.

      So let’s keep it simple and transition to 100% renewables and keep the unburnable carbon where it belongs in the ground.

      Dow Chemical just bought 200 MW of cheaper wind electricity rather than natural gas. Also in Texas, Georgetown just bought solar and wind for 100% renewable supply by 2017 because it is cheaper. And in Alberta solar and especially wind brings down the cost of electricity. So we know this transition works, it is possible, it is happening, it makes money, the US military is worried and calls climate change a threat multiplier. So what is the problem here? I have already divested my portfolio from fossil fuels and it is still growing nicely.

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