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How Canada faked its place in space (Photo)
How Canada faked its place in space (Photo)

How Canada faked its place in space (Photo)

Canada blatantly Photoshopped U.S. photos in order to slap a non-existent Canadian logo on the International Space Station, a blog post by the Economist revealed Friday.

The photo in question depicts U.S. astronaut Stephen K. Robinson perched on the end of the Canadarm2 during a 2005 spacewalk on the International Space Station.

NASA archives still have an original, unaltered photo. The two are slightly different, apart from the doctored Canada logo, and it appears that the camera captured at least two frames of the 2005 spacewalk by U.S. astronaut Steve Robinson, so that his hands and the clouds below have shifted slightly from one to the other.

The Canadian Space Agency said Friday afternoon it had just heard of the photo issue and was looking into it.

In fact, the Canada logo was in the original photo. But it’s hard to see: it shows upside-down and at the far end of the arm from the camera’s perspective.

The altered version puts it right-side up and closer to the camera.

The economic plan website isn’t the only place it appeared. It also showed up in a“Discover Canada” website, and even on the Space Agency’s Tumblr website.

NASA has the original photo.

One astronomer was scathing.

“We get enough grand press from the Canadarm as it is. You don’t need to embellish,” said Paul Delaney of York University.

“Everybody knows that the thing sticking out of the Space Station and the shuttles is Canadarm, (version) one or two.

“Almost every time there’s an image taken … it has Canada clearly labelled on this. So if you’ve managed to snag a photograph that doesn’t have it clearly on there, go back into the archives and find one that you like!

“You don’t have to go and doctor it. That just to me is cheap and cheesy,” he said.

“We’re trying to wave a flag that is already waving hard. What are you trying to do, blow it into a gale or something?”


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    1. who the hell cares??

    2. It is like placing the name of your tire on the car door.Dumb.dumb.

    3. For the amount of money it cost us we’d better make sure our name is fully visible. I have no problem with this.

    4. As a graphic designer for over 10 years I am appalled. This is just lazy photoshop work. A simple vector logo or png file would have done the trick.

    5. Agreed, who the hell cares? Theres ebola killing thousands, war in Russia/Ukraine, shootings parliament buildings, and some hack journalist is concerned over a photoshopped logo? A logo that was already on the arm in a different place? With a article title like “How Canada faked its place in space” how is that even an accurate title? It didn’t photoshop the Canadian flag on the moon. I think this article is more of a crime than its subject.

    6. It is cheesy, but I have to argue against Paul Delaney, it’s almost never called the Canadarm in the media outside of Canada.

    7. Sloppy French Kisser

      Time to march on Ottawa! Use Justine Bieber’s head for a battering ram! Grab all their beer, and return to ‘Merica.

    8. I agree, the photoshop is cheesy, but the photos are more true than the title of this article. Canada did not fake its place in space as that is in fact the Canadarm. Someone just wanted to make the label more prominent because the real label is not if the frame.

      • Bingo. Canada has commanded the station as well. This is nothing more than a promotional photo. If you’ve followed any of the space walks you can see the real logos. There are two arms on the station from Canada.

    9. Canadians are so insecure about themselves, just pathetic petty stupidity whoever did this.

      • You mean like Americans were so insecure that Eisenhower had to get Diefenbaker into the middle of a lake to convince him to drop the AV ROE Arrow project in favour of a trade for concrete tipped Bomarc missiles? The same Arrow whose lead designer went on to work in the US to make the Arrow MK II otherwise known as the “American” Space Shurttle? The AV Roe Arrow with minor refits could deploy a satelite in space.

        The pathetic petty stupidity is anyone who thinks that the US is the only space faring nation. You can thank the Germans for the rockets, the Canadians for the shuttle/Canadarm, and the Russians for the space station. Without those groups, there would not even be a NASA.

        As for the Canada Journal, how about your staff learn some history first before you go spouting off about your country, eh?

    10. hahahahahhahaha

      Eouuwww to my fellow citizens, parasites, and corrupt governments and industries……..

      i am not deeply offended by the rampant corruption that permeates the air waves, sight waves and audible waves of the nation because that is the natural state of affairs which nobody wants to address lest legislated and legal economic warfare is waged upon the user by their own governments as state controlled media character assassination programs are launched in an all out attack to defend their right to have corrupt regimes………. in other words …………… don’t F@@K with us or we will K@ll you legally and immorally

    11. Janice Clanfield

      Big whoop. The boys at the Economist must have been smoking something that very slow news day. “Hey! Let’s create a phony scandal!”

    12. Soooooo fake the original Moon Landing and you’re a SUPER POWER, reapply a Label that’s already there and you’re being cheap and cheesy……lol

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