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Anjali Ramkissoon: “Miami Doctor” Involved in Uber Scuffle Breaks Silence (Video)
Anjali Ramkissoon: Miami Doctor Involved in Uber Scuffle Breaks Silence

Anjali Ramkissoon: “Miami Doctor” Involved in Uber Scuffle Breaks Silence (Video)

On Wednesday morning, Florida doctor Anjali Ramkissoon appeared on “Good Morning America,” where she apologized for attacking an Uber driver last week.

The video, posted Jan. 19, shows Anjali Ramkissoon punching the driver in the head and berating him with obscenity-laden insults, before frantically entering his car and dumping all his belongings into the street.

The Uber driver attempts to restrain her while urging bystanders to call 911.

“I see a person that is not me. I’m ashamed,” Ramkissoon said on GMA of the video. “I still can’t watch the entire video. Every time someone brings it up or tries to ask me, ‘What was happening at this point?,’ I just, I can’t.”

Anjali Ramkissoon said that she was caught on a bad day. She said her father had been hospitalized that morning and her boyfriend had broken up with her only a few minutes before the altercation. She admitted that “a few drinks” contributed to her behavior.

Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident, was suspended from her post in Miami’s Jackson Health System after the video surfaced last week, while administrators conduct an investigation.

She was seen pleading in the clip not to be arrested due to fears she would lose her medical license.


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    1. This is the last person that should be in the medical field. I am an RN, worked for 44 years. I’ve had dishes of food thrown at me, cursed, called names and even pinched, but I never attacked another. Does she think she will never have a stressful day as a doctor. Throw her out of the program, I don’t care how smart she is. She will only bring the same reflection of poor judgement wherever she is employed. Disgusting behavior.

    2. Send her back to India….The hospitals are bringing this so call Doctors from India because they can paid them the lowest salaries instead of hiring American born doctors…..all you see now days at the hospitals are Doctors from
      India with funny credentials….

    3. Wow!!!!!! She gets to be on Good Morning America. I’m so sorry that wasn’t me. I don’t normally act like that….. I had a bad day. Excuses….Excuses…..Excuses She is worried about her license. Well, what about his license. If he had done something wrong you would have called to get his license revoked. He is out there trying to make a living, but you (the doctor) and Taco Bell exe chose to be an idiot. I say she deserve everything or whatever that Uber driver decides to do…………Enough is enough………Put these idiots on blast. Everyone stay for the next idiot.

    4. She is a disgrace to the medical field… if any physician’s were caught doing this they would most likely lose their medical license… she somehow thinks she should be forgiven because it was a bad day? That’s a laughable excuse to assault someone and to act like a drunk idiot in public.

    5. Wow, really people really. One mistake one and you are ready to trash the entire career of this individual. People make mistakes and always receive second chances. Have some empathy and forgiveness for people, she has enough moral to admit her mistake and if the Uber diver has accepted the apology who are we to keep judging people. There several health care professionals and workers in other reputable fields who have messed up life that never comes on camera so in this case just forgive and forget dont ruin someones life long hard work for this. Also if some cocaine addict celebrity would have done the same shit on camera we would be giving them media spotlight and making them rich than they already are. We dont come out and say hey this persons singing career or whatever is over now, we as idiots go to their stupid concerts so please reevaluate the standards of calling judgments.

    6. The way she acted while she was doing all those things. That Uber Driver did not even came to pick her up. She was standing near by and her booz made those Video. She need to understand that she was in a PUBLIC. She should charge for Public Intoxication. I am a Part Time Uber Driver and Telling you the Truth DRUNK Females are the Worst Customer you can handle. I think she should be charged with Public Intoxication

    7. If this were a man, and he did the same things that she did, he would have been arrested, put in jail, hired/assigned a lawyer and put through the whole legal process.

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